Saturday, June 4, 2011


First a shout out and a hello to our 43 rd follower of this blog.  Now lets get on with my complaint.  As far as I can tell ther is only one literarymagazine based at an Ivy League campus that is a paying market for poetry, the YALE REVIEW.  All the other publications at the eight Ivy League schools are not.  If I overlooked another publication please let me know at this blog.  To me its disgraceful and if you agree or disagree then let me and your fellow blog followers know.  I woyld point out that literary magazines based at much poorer colleges like Antioch , Sewanee, Drew and even some junior colleges are paying markets.

Just a reminder; Father's Day is coming up and if you are going to get a Father's Day Gift from Amazon or Barnes & Noble then please enter btheir web sites through the portals on this web site,  I would also think that my sf/f/h poetry collection available at ,Amazon, Amazon ( UK ) and Barnes & Noble would make a fine gift.

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