Friday, July 22, 2011


THE 2011 RHYSLING ANTHOLOGY  ed. by David Lunde (no city listed ;2011, Science Fiction Poetry Association ) $12.95, pb ISBN 978-0-9819643-4-8

Over 100 poems have been nominated for the Rhysling this year and there is not a bad poem in the bunch.  Once again there are very few nominees ( exactly one ) coming from ASIMOV'S and none from SPACE & TIME and only onr from a non-genre publication NEW YORKER.

There was a time when mainstream poets were frequent Rhysling winners and many Rhysling nominations came from mainstream literary magazines.  Now the nominations come from STRANGE HORIZONS, STAR*LINE, MYTHIC DELERIUM, GOBLIN FRUIT and DREAMS ANDNIGHTMARES.  The community of sf/f/h poets and publications is growing but it seems even more like a smll town.

BTW as usual this is an essentialcollection for alldedicated sf/f/h poetry readers to have.

Now on to markets notes.

KIDSMAGINATION is not currently buying poetry but that should change true.

READ FICTION ( ) is a new market.

ASHEVILLE POETRY REVIEW and FLASHQUAKE  are closed to submissions.

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