Monday, May 17, 2010


STRANGE VEGETABLES by G. O. Clark (Colusa CA; 2009, Dark Regions)  Its a pdf copy of the reviewed work and the  ISBN # is incomplete.  Cover price is $7.95.   and you can order it at AMAZON as indeed you can order most of the titles I review.

Gary Clark is a speculative poet who is as comfortable with humor as the late great Ogden Nash.  Most of the poems including the title poem are wry comments on popular culture and media with using the images from df/f/sf/h print media and films.

My favorite poem is the first poem in the collection,'Harpo's Pocket's' which comment on the endless supply of props that flow out of his pockets as well as his ability to crawl into his pockets

"...when Harpo
wanted a little privacy, he'd climb inside
one of his own pockets..."

The whole collection is of this quality and the collection is certainly worth the price.  BTW the cover is a brillant piece by Wayne Miller.

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