Monday, May 3, 2010


Today I was browsing through the 2010 PUSHCART Prize anthology and I was struck by the fact that despite the efforts of a few poets like Bruce Boston, Peter Payack and Bob Frazier that there is little overlap between mainstream litwerary poetry and sf/f/h poetry.  No Rhysling nominee unless he or she was an established literary poet received special mention with the exception of Bruce Boston but his special mention was in fiction !!!!  The only genre imprint that was active in the Pushcart process was DarkScribe.

On the other hand many of the published nominees had strong speculative elements.  I also noted that other niche content and/or form poetry ranging from cowboy poetry to haiku and other Asian forms also seem underrepresented in the Pushcart process.  I want tu hear your thoughts on the lack of interaction between two ghettos.

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