Wednesday, January 5, 2011


DWARF STARS 2010 ed. by Joshua Gage (2010, no city listed,SCIENCE FICTION POETRY aSSOCISTION) $7.00, AVAILABLE AT aMAZON.COM .

Every year the Science fiction Poetry Association conducts the DWARF STARS Awards for the best short sf/f/h poem of ten lines or less.  The purpose of the contest is to showcase ultra short poems , a length that often gets overlooked  outside of Asian poetry circles.  The poems nominated are terrific and this year's nominees are no exception.  I do have some personal issues with the purpose and running of the contest but that is insider stuff.

Below are three of the outstanding poems in the collection.

'Night Phenomenon' by Marge Simon

Night is feeling sexy
a fogbow inher hair

untitled poem by Noel Slobode

tattered flesh
dropping off
the wolf within

'Alien Invasion' by Peter Payack

These words
are now
inside your head

Buy and enjoy.

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