Thursday, January 20, 2011


DIARY OF A GENTLEMAN DIABOLIST  by Robin Spriggs (San Francisco; 2010, Anomalous Books ) pb,ISBN 13; 978-0-963-4296-7-5   ISBN; 10; 0-9634296-7-1  $12.95.

This is a terrific collection of prose poems about a genial diabolist.  I visualize Vincent Price as the diabolist.  The problem for me is this.  Spriggs calls her work prose poems but they seem just as well to call them flash or micro fiction.    I have said this before and I am going to say it again.

What is the difference between flash fiction and prose poetry ?  None that I can see.

Still this is an excellent collection that is well worth the price.  Below is an example of this outstanding collection.

' Bringing It Back'

     "I'm glad we met," said the mage to the dog that had died a year ago to the day but whose ghost-unfailingly  loyal-had remained with him nonetheless.
     Throw the ball, thought the dog.  Throw the ball.  Throw the ball.  and I'll bring it back.

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