Sunday, March 13, 2011


A follower of this blog contacted me privately to ask me this question.  Is this blog intenfded to be strictly a sf/f/h oriented blog or is it to cover all kinds of markets for poetry ?

Let me answer it this way.  First I cover all zines, print and electronic , as long as they pay for poetry and flash fiction.   However when I do commentary and observations it is going to focus on sf/f/df/h/mystery/suspense poetry.  Further when I cover anthology markets I am going to focus only on those that buy sf/f/h/df/suspense poetry and only if they pay a fixed fee .  I do not include anthologies that pay only royalties because it seema there are never royalties to be paid.

Lastly I include flash fiction markets for two reasons.  The first is that it expands the number of markets I can cover in this blog.  The second is that I cannot tell the difference between flash fiction and prose poems.  Further no one else can tell the difference between the two forms.  So I include flash fiction markets in the blog's coverage.

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