Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Whenever I find a web site that might be a useful tool in finding markets for poetry it usually has a major problem.  They are two, three or more years out of date.  Well I finally found a current useful site.  It is www.thehorrorzine.com/listsofdarkzines .  It is a list of url's of df/h webzines divided into three sections, fiction, poetry and flash fiction.  It includes both paying and non-paying markets.

This list brings to mind an important fact.  In the United States we have Borders preparing to close at least 26 stores with more on the way to be shuttered.  In Canada a major distributor has closed down.  If this had happened ten years ago it would be a very serious problem for poetry markets since most of them would be printzines and many of them would be dependent on wholesale distributors and physical bookstores.

Now so many of the markets are ezines which are sold directly to readers.  Even printzines have taken advantage of direct customer sales through the web plus there are at least two web retailors that specialize in sf/.f/h titles, Horror Mall and Genre Mall..

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