Saturday, August 6, 2011


First let me give a shout out and hello to the 45th followers of this blog.  Now on to the review.

SURREALITIES by Bruce Boston ( Colusa, CA; 2011, Dark Regions; ISBN 978-1-937120 ) pb, $9.95 .  This latest Boston collection is devoted to surreal poems by Boston, both reprints and new poems original to this collection.  I generall prefer surreal poems to be short ( less than ten lines ) and clearly mainstream but incorperating genre sf/f/h/slipstream elements.  The Boston poems are longer and are usually within the sf/f/h genres.  Boston being Boston I find that his poems generally work for me despite my quibbles.  This is a must buy collection.

BTW myt favorite lines in the collection are these from the poem ' Dali's Ego On Karloff's Frankenstein '.

'I would give him color
and drench him in absolute
until his countenance...'

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