Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The Dwarf Star Awards is an award given to the best sf/f/h poem under ten lines written and publisherd in the previous yesr in this case 2009.The awardds are sponsored by the Science Fiction Poetry Association..  You do not need be a member to nominate.  You can nominate your own work.  There is no cap on how many poems you can nominate.,  Email the poems along with a note as to where and when they appeared to dwarfstar@sfpoetry.com .  Put dwarf stars submission in the subject space.  The deadline is Aug.31st.

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  1. Worth noting that the editor, Joshua Gage, says that so far he's not receiving as many submission as he expected he would. If you've got short-short SF (or speculative in general) poems published last calendar year, send 'em along!