Wednesday, December 8, 2010


CHEMIICKAL REACTIONS by Karen Newman, currently available only in e-book from for $1.99, published by Naked Snake Press.

It is sometime hard to remember that Karen is more than a prolificeditor editor of the countless zines and anthologies put out by Sam's Dot Publishing.  She is also an outstanding poet in the sf/f/h and mystery genres.  This anthology reminds us that she is an outstanding poet.

CHEMICKAL REACTIONS is a collection of poems about chemicals, both compounds and pure elements.  Many of the poems are mystery/police procedural/suspense genres.  This collection should bring welcome attention to an overlooked form for the mystery writer, the poem.  Below is a poem about bleach that is typical of the high level of skill and excellence in the collection.  It is well worth ordering.

" Bleach "

First Mary mopped
the floor with bleach,
smearing clean the beatings,.
Then she bleached
her clothes and towels
to wash away the blame.
Finally,she bleached
her eyes white to hide
the knife in her husband's heart.

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