Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Recently I received a pdf copy of the first issue of a new df/h/crime magazine BETE NOIRE .

I was impressed by the fact that the magazine had four long poems of a noirish nature and three of the poets are fairly prominent, two mainstream poets Krikor N. Der Hohannesian and J. J. Steinfeld, Bruce Boston who needs no further introduction and an unknow, Florence Grey.  I had mixed feelings about the four poems. Der Hohannesian's poem, 'Of Moths, Junkies And Other Ephemera ' was a long and 'Beat' style poem about junkies that I did not like.  I have never been an admirer of'beat' poetry and this one was no exception. The J. J. Steinfeld's poem was a long introverted poem in which the poet debates on whether he should stop writing.   I am not quite sure why the poem was in this magazine but neither did I care to know the outcome of the debate.

Now I did like the Boston poem, 'The lateral Eclipse of Bound Sunsets'.  I am not quite sure what it was about but it seemed to be a homage to Clark Ashton Smith's flowery poetry about really gegenerate villains, 17th century Euro trash vampires but without the flamboyant language of Smith.  At least that was what I thought it was.  I am not wuite sure but that is the fun of reading a Boston poem, you are never quite sure what he is writing about.  The Grey poem,"Hallow's Eve', was a homage to Halloween in general, fannish but fun to read since it some how was both dark and moody but still cheery and cheeky at the same time.  A remarkable accomplishment.

Any way when it came to poetry this issue was batting .500 and that is pretty good.  The magazine is recommended.

For info about subscripyions go to their site, http://www.betenoiremagaxine.com/.

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