Friday, June 18, 2010


I read the first two volumes of NESFA Press' nine volume set of Roger Zelazny collected stories called appriopiately enough THE COLLECTED STORIES OF ROGER ZELAZNY.  What pleases that the two volumes reprinted a considerable portion of his poetry including many previously unpublished work.  This brings to mind my own Zelazny story..He was co-editing a tribute anthology for Jack Williamson.  I queried him if the collection was open to poetry.  For almost a year I hear nothing and truth be told I had forgotten about it.  Then on a Friday night at 10 pm the telephone rings.  My mother answers and tells its for me.

I take the telephone and it turns out to be Zelazny.  I am speechless.  He asks me if I could send one or two poems for the collection.  I say sure, we have a pleasant conversation and I promise to send two poems as soon as I can.  I write two haikus that night and put them in the mail.  A week later I get another call, its him.  He says he loved both poems and is $50 enough for them.  I think he means $50 for both poems.  Then I realise he means $50 a poem.  Hey thats the best rate I ever been paid for poetry.  I said yes and thats the end of my story. 

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