Thursday, June 17, 2010


The HERITAGE TALES anthology project is open to poetry but it has to be very long work of 60 pages or more such as ballads.  For more details go to the publisher's web site .Also a hello to the 12th person who now follows this blog.  BTW if any of you has made a sale or has a publication out dont hesitate to post it here.  For example the latest issue of ABANDONED TOWERS is going to have a poem by me, a Lovecraftian piece called 'The Pirates of Innsmouth' though it probably owes more to John Gay or Kurt Weil.

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  1. I don't officially "follow" the blog (I think I have to do some google thing to do that), but I have it bookmarked, and do read it from time to time.
    I doubt that you really need me coming in to make a brag every time I have a poetry sale, but since you did ask, I'll mention that I'll have a haiku appear on Microcosms (twitter zine) this Tuesday--