Sunday, June 13, 2010


DARK MATTERS by Bruce Boston, (Anaheim; 2010, Bad Moon) pb $17.95, ISBN-10, 0-9844601-5-2, ISBN-13, 978-0-9844601-5-1

This is the latest of the many fine speculative poetry collections written by Bruce Boston.  Most of the poems in this collection are a new look on the paths through literature created by writers who are influences on Boston; Bradbury.Cocteau,Wallace Stevenson, E.R.R. Edison and the list goes on.  There may be a few poems that do not harken back to the work of another writer but frankly I did not see any that fall in this category.

The title of the collection refers to the theory that 99 % of all matter in the universe is dark matter .  Well the poems in this collection are the bright and visible stars in the creative universe of Bruce Boston.

This is a must have collection but all Boston collections fall in that category.

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